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Baby - Footwear

Tan Brown Chelsea Baby Boots (0-18mths) (393564) | kr134
Pastel Pink Rainbow Baby Sandals (0-18mths) (M32664) | kr107
White Leather T-Bar Baby Shoes (0-18mths) (M20707) | kr201
White Satin Corsage Baby Shoes and Headband Occasion Set (0-18mths) (219284) | kr161
Navy Baby Leather T-Bar Pram Shoes (0-24mths) (250647) | kr174
Baker by Ted Baker White Floral Mary Jane Padders (T04707) | kr234
Baker by Ted Baker Loafer Padders (A54035) | kr234
White Leather Pram Sandals (0-24mths) (A61355) | kr161
Black Pram Shoes With Snaffle Detail (0-24mths) (T12416) | kr188
White Baby Leather T-Bar Pram Shoes (0-24mths) (610654) | kr174
Navy Moccasin Pram Shoes (0-24mths) (M45404) | kr188
White Scallop Leather Baby Sandals (0-18mths) (A61577) | kr174