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Freshen up your bathroom with our range of accessories and bathroom essentials. Our bathroom range will give you the look you've dreamed of without compromising on sought after space. From elegant and functional storage options to bath mats and towel rails, our designs are easy to coordinate with the décor in your bathroom. From quirky toilet roll holders to decorative bathroom mirrors, find the perfect touch at Next.

Set of 2 Natural Gingerbread & Candy Cane Christmas Towels (697500) | kr167
Natural Christmas Car Bath Mat (D76593) | kr201
Orange Pumpkins Towel (D27497) | kr89
Brown Gingerbread Christmas Dispenser (337507) | kr112
Grey Halloween Ghost Towel (D27498) | kr89
Natural Christmas Car Towel (D76589) | kr89 - kr201
Orange Halloween Pumpkin Soap Dispenser (T47369) | kr112
Green Bright Christmas Tree Ped Set (D76680) | kr246
Natural Sheep Towel (C59105) | kr89 - kr201
Natural Egyptian Cotton Towels (375827) | kr56 - kr290
Bottle Green Egyptian Cotton Towels (708331) | kr56 - kr290
Mink Brown Egyptian Cotton Towels (559757) | kr56 - kr290