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Elegance fused in with the functional aspect to create beautiful kitchenware, leaving your space a class apart. Discover an array of storage jars, cups & mugs and dinnerware with designs inspired by key trends. Complementing the enviable collection of crockery and cutlery is the range of table linen in delightful prints and hues. Extend the style quotient with our chic lighting and dining sets - perfecting you space!

Set of 2 Cream Pumpkin Side Plates (D23466) | kr201
Cream Gingerbread Mug (D46546) | kr89
Cream Pumpkin Ramekin (D23532) | kr112
Orange Pumpkin Casserole Dish (D23531) | kr447
Wood Pumpkin Serve Board (D23563) | kr223
Cream Pumpkin Set of 4 Coasters (D23530) | kr201
Cream Pumpkin Casserole Dish (D47056) | kr335
Cream Gingerbread Casserole Dish (D67833) | kr290
Set of 2 Cream Gingerbread Side Plates (D21908) | kr179
Set of 4 Clear Santa Tumbler Glasses (D65949) | kr134
Wood House Shaped Serve Board (D67836) | kr201
Cream Gingerbread Platter (D25022) | kr223