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For your precious jewellery, explore little trays, trinket boxes, ring holders and dishes from our jewellery storage collection. Keep your earrings, rings and chains safe in pretty jewellery boxes that also make for beautiful accessories on your dresser. Find gorgeous personalised styles for gifting options.

Gold Metal Flower Jewellery Tree (D70399) | kr357
White Bertie Bear Trinket Dish (D70362) | kr156
Grey Elephant Jewellery Ring Holder (T18986) | kr67
Estella Bartlett Blush Mini Jewellery Box (N05935) | kr325
Estella Bartlett Yellow Mini Jewellery Box (N54008) | kr325
Accessorize Cream Embroidered Jewellery Wallet (B69166) | kr325
Accessorize Pink Accessorized Medium Square Jewellery Box (N74581) | kr260
Umbra Brown Moona Jewellery Organiser (N05055) | kr779
Estella Bartlett Mint Mini Jewellery Box (N54026) | kr325
Fifty Five South Pink Bowerbird Small Quartz Trinket Box (E66935) | kr753
Truly Grey Luxe Shagreen Jewellery Box (C69718) | kr844
Smiggle Pink Barbie Wardrobe Jewellery Box (Q95673) | kr454